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2022 The 2022 Qatar World Cup TFWC2022

Apr. 19, 2022

The 2022 Qatar World Cup TFWC2022 is the twenty-second World Cup, the first in history to be held in Qatar and the Middle East, and the second in Asia. In addition, the Qatar World Cup is the first football World Cup to be held in winter in the northern hemisphere and by a country that has never entered the World Cup.

On July 15, 2020, the 2022 Qatar World Cup schedule was announced. The opening game will start on November 21, 2022, and the final will be played at Lusail Stadium at 18:00 local time on December 18. The match was held in 12 stadiums in seven cities across Qatar.

At present, 29 seats have been confirmed in the top 32 of the World Cup. In addition to the host Qatar, there are four Middle Eastern teams from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco who have entered the finals. In addition, the UAE will compete to qualify for the World Cup through the play-offs.

2022 The 2022 Qatar World Cup TFWC2022