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Newest OWS earphone headphone for 2024 new year

Dec. 12, 2023

If you want the freedom of wireless, immersive sound quality, comfortable wearing, but also have battery life, light weight, and no pressure to wear for a long time...

Like in-ear headphones, if you wear them for a long time, your ears will not only feel stuffy and uncomfortable, but you will also feel swelling and pain because the headphones squeeze the ear canal. Some people with sensitive ears may feel that the ear canal becomes itchy after wearing in-ear headphones for a long time. This is because the ear canal is in a closed air-tight cavity for a long time, and the temperature and humidity of the ear canal increase, making the environment inside the ear very easy. Breeds bacteria and mold.

Wearing in-ear headphones while walking on the road can easily cause an uncomfortable "stethoscope effect" due to vibration.

Therefore, more and more people are choosing open-back headphones that have no in-ear wearing characteristics and are more comfortable.

Several aspects that affect the choice of headphones:

  1. Appearance design and wearing comfort

    The headphone charging compartment and headphone body design are simple and lightweight. The body can adapt to different ear shapes and ear thicknesses, and the shape conforms to the ear shape, giving it a customized wearing feel.

    The earhook is relatively slender and does not cause the discomfort of squeezing the ears. According to personal testing, it is easy and not tiring to wear on the ears for a long time, and the wearing feeling is very light.

    Newest OWS earphone headphone for 2024 new year

  2. Sound quality

    There is a surprise from the notification sound when connecting to the mobile phone, and it becomes even more surprising after playing music. Even without earphones, I can still feel the high and low levels of the music, and the three-dimensional texture of the low, mid and high frequencies is also well improved.

  3. Battery life

    According to this battery life, it is basically not stressful to charge it once a week for normal commuting, travel, and entertainment use. Even if it is used frequently, it will not affect it.

  4. For users who wear glasses

    For some users, the traditional ear-hook type will affect the wearing of glasses, and the clip-on ear design will perfectly solve this problem.

    Newest OWS earphone headphone for 2024 new year