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Precautions For Wearing Headphones Properly

Dec. 20, 2019

With the development of technology, mobile phones are now becoming more and more difficult to leave digital products. In the usual car or walking, everyone likes to wear headphones to listen to music, because by listening to songs, watching movies and other entertainment and pastimes, you can pass the boring time. There are more and more types of earphones now available, including in-ear headphones, sports headphones, earmuff headphones, Bluetooth Earphone, etc. Among them, most users use in-ear headphones. Well, there are a lot of things to pay attention to when wearing headphones. Next, Noise Canceling Headphones Manufacturer will tell you some things you should pay attention to when wearing headphones.

1. Try not to make the volume too high when wearing headphones

Nowadays, people wearing headphones are very common. Whether it is by bus or subway, we can always find that many users are listening to songs while wearing headphones. But everyone also knows that the ear has the size of the volume decibel that it can withstand. The limit of this decibel is about 160 decibels. At the same time, noise from the outside often makes us feel uneasy, not to mention the earphone and the device that pass the ear directly to the eardrum and the brain.

Therefore, the sound we seek for the ear should be soft and pleasant, not loud. And after putting on the earphones, the ear canal is equivalent to a closed channel, and the sound will return to the ear after rebounding. If the volume is too high, the ears will be damaged and hearing will gradually weaken.

2. Don't wear headphones for too long

Is it harmful to wear the headset too long? If the volume is always soft bass, it is recommended to wear the headset for 3-4 hours, because wearing the headset for a long time will cause pain in the auricle, and wearing the headset for a long time is not good. The ear is the place closest to the eardrum. Playing sound at such a close distance actually causes more or less unnecessary damage to the ear.

Just like any object has its useful life, and if the ear is in an environment full of sound for a long time, it will cause hearing loss if it cannot get a good rest. And according to research, wearing headphones for a long time to listen to sounds can cause people's anxiety and memory loss, as well as symptoms such as dizziness.

Neckband Earphone

Neckband Earphone

3. Pay attention to the use environment of the headset

In places with high noise, try to avoid using headphones. Because the sound is relative, in a loud environment, if you want to hear the sound in the headphones clearly, then the volume of the headphones must be louder than the external sound. In this case, we all unnaturally turn up the volume, and after doing so, our ears will be seriously injured. Do not wear headphones while sleeping, because people will turn over when they sleep, and when they turn over with headphones, they will naturally press their ears. So in these cases, try to avoid wearing headphones. At the same time, if you exercise, it is recommended to use Neckband Earphone, try to avoid using in-ear headphones.

Do not wear the headset for too long, you can wear it for 1 hour, but if you wear it for too long or the volume is too loud, it will cause serious consequences. So everyone should pay attention to it, protect your ears, and use headphones reasonably.