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What Are The Factors That Affect The Sound Quality Of Bluetooth Headsets?

Oct. 09, 2019

Many people buy Bluetooth Earphone, they are still very concerned about the sound quality of headphones. After all, buying headphones is used to talk or listen to music. What are the factors that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets? Below, today, for everyone, for the sake of consumers, make the right purchase decision when purchasing a headset. Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer would like to share with you.

First, the Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version is an important aspect that affects the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster and more stable the signal transmission. The less the consumers are in the process of talking and listening to songs, the less the signal is disconnected and the sound is stuck. And so on, at present, the Bluetooth headset products on the market generally use the Bluetooth 4.1 version, and some mid-to-high-end products have adopted the Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0 versions.

Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth Earphone

Second, the Bluetooth chip

The signal transmission effect of the earphone is mainly determined by the chip of the earphone. In addition, whether the chip has its own DSP digital noise reduction technology, CVC echo processing technology, whether it supports APT-X, AAC, LDAC and other technologies is also a factor that affects the sound quality of the earphone. In addition, the performance of different brands of chips is still very different. At present, CSR's Bluetooth chip is better than the products of Luoda and Chuangjie in terms of sound quality. Consumers can choose to use it when purchasing. The chip's Bluetooth headset product.

Third, the earphone cavity

Whether the acoustic cavity of the earphone is scientific is also an important aspect that determines the sound quality of the earphone. However, due to high research and development costs, innovative discoveries and inventions are difficult to achieve, few manufacturers have gone to professional research. Therefore, when consumers buy Don't worry too much about this aspect of the headset.

Fourth, the headset speaker

The sound quality of the headphones is also determined by the speakers. The sound quality of the speakers is determined by the magnets, diaphragms and voice coils in the speakers. From the material used in the voice coils, the copper wires. The mid-low frequency is better, and the sound quality and life of the sounding unit are also better. From the perspective of the type of magnet in the horn, the performance of the NdFeB magnet is far superior to that of the ferrite magnet. Therefore, consumers should try to choose the earphone products with the above materials when purchasing.

The factors affecting the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets are mainly the above, but many manufacturers in the Bluetooth headset market carry out false propaganda, using fake components to pretend to be brand components, tempting consumers to purchase while obtaining higher profits. Therefore, before the consumer buys, it is best to go to the physical store to listen more, so as not to be deceived.

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