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Air Cooler

New design Air Cooler, make your hot summer become cool, only need water and ice, make your life More environmentally friendly.


Full, High-Def Sound with a small body: Super compact design ,40mm 3 W driver, with subwoofer resonator, You want a loud sound during the meeting? When watching a movie on a computer, at home party, you want a larger volume, better sound? all satisfy you !!!


Energy efficient, easy-to-pair connection provides stable, smooth media streaming while freeing you of cables. Nano coating prevents bluetooth headphones from sweat, light rains and accidental splash, so you can freely enjoy running, jogging, hiking and other outdoor activities. The rechargable long battery life means you get long time of continuous music. Conveniently placed, tactile buttons enable you to adjust the volume, play/ pause and even answer/ reject incoming phone calls.


[CLEARLY SOUND] The advanced technology makes this earphones can provide deep bass sound and reduce enviroment noise. You will just feel the pure sound. While listening to music, you can control your Bluetooth device on the headphones for volume, skip, pause and playback. [SECURE AND COMFORTABLE DESIGN] Extremely light weight and Ergonomic design make sure that even use earbuds for 4-5 hours, you would not feel any uncomfortable and hearing would not get hurts.