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OWS headphones are your best choice for winter sports

Dec. 01, 2023

As the temperature gradually drops, winter is coming, but as a sports enthusiast, it is essential to maintain a basic training schedule all year round, rain or shine. However, at the same time, as a music lover, or someone who likes to listen to music and run, as the temperature changes, it becomes a tangled matter which headphones to use as a sports companion. Although headphones with leather earmuffs are more suitable in winter than in summer, they always feel shaky when running, and the seemingly warm earmuffs are somewhat necessary for daily commuting, but they quickly become stuffy during exercise. Interfering factors in sweating. Therefore, sports headphones that are not so stuffy, light and comfortable, and have stable ear hooks have become a daily necessity. Here are some OWS headsets to share with friends who have the same needs.

OWS Headphone is coming

Open listening without contact, wearing and hanging is really comfortable

Regarding the concept of OWS earphones mentioned in the above question, let me briefly explain it in two sentences. Its full name is Open Wearable Stereo, which means open wearable stereo earphones. Compared to this statement, many people are exposed to more TWS earphones in their daily lives. In fact, they have similarities in that they are all worn separately and wirelessly, eliminating the hassle of headphone cables. The main difference is that OWS not only eliminates the hassle of headphone cables, but also avoids the problems caused by contact with the ear canal.

OWS Headphone is coming