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Future trends of headphones(part 1)

Jun. 17, 2019

Future trends of headphones

Trend report shared by the bluetooth 5.0 earbuds factory.


The first peripheral to use Bluetooth technology will be a wireless headset. According to Ericsson's schedule, the headset for the Ericsson T28 phone was introduced in July 2000. Nokia and Motorola waited until late 2000. By then, you can put your phone in your pocket by attaching a Bluetooth technology accessory and placing a headset in your ear, free your hands when talking, or even press a button on the headset to answer a call. And, thanks to Ericsson T28's voice recognition capabilities, you can make common calls simply by naming people. Another selling point: since Bluetooth headphones emit at a much lower range than regular cell phone headphones, manufacturers will have a chance to play up the health benefits.

But with its low-power, near-field wireless location, bluetooth still has a lot of room for future consumer electronics. It will be the largest market for personal portable products such as mobile phones and pdas. By 2005, in-stat estimates that 71 percent of all bluetooth apps will be mobile, followed by 14 percent for personal computers and PC CARDS, and 6 percent for headsets. Analysts point out that with the development of bluetooth technology and the reduction of chipset costs, bluetooth and wi-fi will each account for half of the short-range wireless communication market.

Compared with special miniature invisible wireless earphones, civil and industrial wireless earphones are various. But there's not much special about earphones in terms of communication and electronics, and more in terms of acoustics.

The whole system can be analyzed with reference to the low power simplex or duplex radio communication system. Generally pay attention to restore the fidelity of sound quality, beautiful appearance, people love; In contrast, industrial wireless headsets are designed with more emphasis on reliability due to environmental reasons.

bluetooth 5.0 earbuds factory

In the circuit, the higher level of products in the transmission process of processing, generally integrated with analog or digital compression technology, the use of modulation methods are also diverse such as RF RF, infrared, pure audio induction. For varieties adopting RF, products using ultra-high frequency band or bluetooth technology (900MHz-- 2.4ghz, etc.) can obtain more ideal technical indicators and meet the requirements of environmental protection, which actually represents an important development direction in this field.

As shown in the figure, this full-duplex wireless earphone for broadcast TV director adopts low-power FSK audio digital compression and decompression modulation processing technology, which has high restoration index and anti-interference performance in the range of 20Hz--20KHz audible audio. The overall work is at 863MHz in UHF band. PLL phase-locked loop makes it have stable rf performance, and the reliable communication distance in general environment is more than 150m.

Generally, to obtain a relatively ideal high speed digital transmission of speech compression effect, generally require larger RF bandwidth or advanced modulation technology, in order to reduce the transmission rate of digital voice signal, also often use adaptive audio pulse coding (ADPCM) or continuous variable slope delta modulation (CVSD) technology to the signal processing. These schemes are coded according to difference. The basic concept is to send the difference between current sampling and previous sampling instead of the absolute value obtained by sending samples.

Wireless earphones will be used in many occasions. In addition to radio and television systems, such as call center, audio-visual education, home HIFI, hands-free communication personal mobile phone (bluetooth earphone), "silent meeting", interview and investigation, tourism and other wireless earphone systems can show their charm, which is gradually becoming a trend. In fact, there is not much difference between the basic structure or circuit principle of various wireless headsets, and there is no need to divide them into strict categories. On the contrary, many earphones are used in a wide range of industries. When it comes to the differences, they are only applicable to different occasions at most. The system parameters and costs have certain preference, which is the same as the requirements of the special type of miniature wireless earphone system.

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