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How to identify the sound quality of bluetooth headsets?

Jun. 25, 2019

How to identify the sound quality of bluetooth headsets? 

Wireless Sports Earbud supplier shares that to understand the sound quality of bluetooth headsets, we need to understand the following concepts:

A2DP: is a bluetooth audio transmission protocol, using the chip in the headset to stack data, to achieve high definition of sound. At present, most bluetooth headsets in the market use A2DP transmission protocol.

(2) apt-x: is an audio digital compression algorithm, mainly used in the professional audio field, to provide high-quality audio, some high-quality ear support this algorithm

(3) LDAC: by SONY development of high quality audio codec, qualcomm's apt-xhd as the main competitor.

(4) LHDC: high quality bluetooth audio codec protocol.

5. SBC: the general audio encoding format, bluetooth transmission does not support AAC, aptx when SBC transmission, now 80% are in this format.

6 AAC, audio encoding format, when bluetooth support AAC file, mobile phone also support AAC transmission, sound quality is much better than SBC, ordinary people can hear the difference, currently qualcomm CSR mainstream chip is supporting AAC format transmission.

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Although the current bluetooth version is limited by the transmission capacity of the A2DP (the SBC can only provide a maximum bandwidth of 328Kbit/s at 44.1khz), the 100% restoration of audio through bluetooth cannot be achieved (CD sound quality requires a bandwidth of 1.41mbit /s). But if instead of using SBC, some more advanced compression technology can be used to compress audio and then transmit it through A2DP, then the sound quality can be greatly improved.

The structure and environment of the headset and the distance between bluetooth devices may affect the bluetooth signal and cause the sound quality distortion.

From the above, we can understand that the sound quality of the headphone will be affected by bluetooth transmission. Only by purchasing high-quality bluetooth chip and cooperating with decoding software and equipment, can we get a very good effect.

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