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Bluetooth wireless earphone

Apr. 30, 2019

Bluetooth wireless headset

Wireless Earphone Wholesaler shares that the first peripheral to Bluetooth technology will be a wireless headset. According to Ericsson's schedule, the Ericsson T28 headset was introduced in July 2000. Nokia and Motorola will wait until late 2000. By then, you can just add a Bluetooth attachment to your phone and place the headset in your ear, put the phone in your pocket, free your hands when you talk, or even just press a button on your headset to answer the call. Moreover, because of the voice recognition capability of the Ericsson T28, you can make some common calls simply by naming names. Another selling point: because Bluetooth headphones have a much lower power series than regular cell phone headphones, manufacturers will have a chance to tout their health benefits.

However, bluetooth positioning is a low-power, short-range wireless transmission, there is still a huge application space in the future consumer electronics. It will be the biggest market for personal devices such as mobile phones and pdas. By 2005, mobile phones will account for 71 percent of all bluetooth applications, followed by PCS and PC CARDS at 14 percent and headphones at 6 percent, according to in-stat estimates. As bluetooth technology improves and chipset costs fall, analysts say it will still account for half of the short-range wireless market, as well as wi-fi.

Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds GW15

Compared with the dedicated miniature stealth wireless earphones, the civil and industrial wireless earphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, in fact, this kind of headset is not so special in terms of its communication and electronics, and it is more likely to involve the discussion in the field of acoustics.

For this kind of earphone, the whole system can be analyzed with reference to the low-power simplex or duplex radio communication system. Generally pay attention to restore the fidelity of sound quality, beautiful appearance, attractive; By contrast, industrial wireless headphones are designed to be more reliable because of their environment.

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