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Brief analysis of earphone noise cancellation

May. 06, 2019

▌ headset noise reduction

Noise Cancellation is a very large acoustic subject, whether large venues, small room or headset, Bluetooth earphone wholesaler shares that there are indicators to reduce the Noise of problem, so what's the Noise? For example, when we listen to music in the room, there are not only the reflected noise inside the room, but also other living noise outside the room, so we have to deal with sound insulation or sound absorption and diffusion to reduce the noise in the room. The sound of running in the subway, the noise in the street and so on, when the headset product is used, coco filters these sounds to a large extent, which is also noise reduction.

Active noise reduction technology has incomparable advantages

▌ basic way of noise reduction

Both in-ear headphones and headphones are designed for our ear structure, which wraps around our ear muscles, while in-ear headphones form sound insulation in the ear canal. Through different materials, fitting angles and wearing methods, we can use headphones to isolate external sound.

Since active noise reduction requires battery power, the battery power will run out, and long-term opening will also affect the sound quality

Bluetooth earphone wholesaler

▌ active noise reduction method

"Sooner or later, in order to survive, humans will have to contend with noise, just as they did with cholera and plague." That prediction, made by Nobel laureate in physiology Robert Koch in the 20th century, has quietly become a reality. In the practice of preventing and controlling noise pollution, passive noise reduction (also known as physical noise reduction) is first adopted. The technical characteristic of physical noise reduction is to use various characteristics of materials to reduce noise by means of isolation, shock absorption and damping.

There are many ways to reduce the noise of headphones, but to sum up, we can divide these methods into "passive noise reduction" and "active noise reduction"

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