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How to connect bluetooth headset to mobile phone?

Jul. 24, 2019

How to connect bluetooth headset to mobile phone?

"How to connect bluetooth headphone" "how to use bluetooth headphone" has become a difficult problem for many users at present. There are many headphone brands and various styles of bluetooth headphone, but the usage method is generally the same. Let us know how to connect bluetooth headphone and how to use it.

1, start the earphone 

Long press the Wireless Sports Earbud switch until the headphone indicator flashes alternately or the prompt sound "power on" or "turn on" is turned on. After turning on, long press the key to turn off. The prompt sound is "power off" or "turn off".

2, connect bluetooth

Turn on the bluetooth connection function of the mobile phone, search for your own device in the list of devices that have been searched, and the name will generally be named with the product brand and model. After clicking the device name, the indicator of "connected" headset will be prompted to stop flashing. If the connection is not successful, you can try to turn on the bluetooth of the phone first, and then turn on the earphone. At present, most bluetooth earphones are compatible with android and apple. If the connection fails for several times, the earphone may have quality problems.

Wireless Sports Earbud

Current bluetooth headsets(Magnetic Wireless earphone) also display power on the phone. The headphone icon may be different, but the position is displayed at the top of the screen.

After the connection is successful, play music and video directly on the phone.

3, Use of earphone function

Power key

The switch key controls the power on and off, and also plays the pause and hang up phone keys, just press once. Different devices may support different functions, which need to be determined according to the function of the headset itself.

The volume button

In order to avoid the tedious process of pressing too many buttons, bluetooth earphones usually use the previous one, the next one and the volume plus or minus keys in one key. Volume - one press is to reduce volume, long press or double press is the previous song. Different headphone buttons work differently.

"How to connect bluetooth headsets" "how to use bluetooth headsets" some authentic headsets will come with a manual, describing the use method and function. Before use, you still need to take out the manual and read it carefully to learn how to use the headphone function.