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Health and heatstroke tips for summer

Jul. 31, 2019

Summer health tips to beat the heat

Hot summer hot, hot weather continues, hot weather to everyone brought heavy pressure how to beat the heat, has become everyone is very concerned about the problem. Here's how to beat the heat in summer shared by Wireless Sports Earbud factory.

1, drink less water in time

Juice, coke, Sprite, soda and other drinks, contains more saccharin and electrolytes, drink more will produce adverse stimulation to gastrointestinal, affect digestion and appetite. Therefore, summer should drink more water or light salt (sugar) boiled water.

2. Eat more fruit with high water content

The vegetables with high water content are: winter gourd, cucumber, tomato, towel gourd, bitter gourd the fruits with high water content are: watermelon, lemon, orange, pear

Hot summer is the time when the human body's resistance is the weakest. At this time, it is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins and water to improve immunity and prevent diseases. And eat more meat food, such as chicken, duck, goose, fish, to promote the body's metabolism.

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3, reduce three, less strenuous exercise

In summer, when the body's temperature is at its highest, stopping to rest immediately after strenuous exercise can lead to a drop in blood pressure and possibly palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, pallor or shock and fainting. To prevent this from happening, do small amount of movement after strenuous exercise, make breathing and heartbeat slowly return to normal state before stopping to rest. Sweating a lot in hot and stuffy weather can also lead to increased moisture in the body and affect health.

4, The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large

Want to keep the difference in temperature inside and outside room not too big, 5 degrees less than is most appropriate, because human body itself has the function that adjusts temperature, if be in for a long time below air conditioning, and the difference in temperature inside and outside room is too big, suddenly cold suddenly hot contrast is very big, can make human body adjusts a function disorder.

5, Don't take long naps

In the summer, people feel tired, sleepy and weak. At this time the nap is the best way to escape, but do not know a fall up. If the time of siesta is too long, can deepen the central nervous system that restrains cerebrum, the time that makes cerebral tissue capillary closes is too long, can reduce the blood flow of cerebrum so, slow down human body metabolism gradually, after bringing about awak, more tired. But cannot stay up late, want to assure sufficient morpheus quality.

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6, go out to have good sunscreen appliances

Don't go outside in the summer. Wait until the darkest part of the night to go for a walk. If be like to play sunshade, wear sunshade hat, wear sunglasses, had better besmear dot to bask in article.

7, Take anti-heat drugs with you

The medicines for preventing heat and cooling include: huoxiang zhengqi oral liquid, shidihui, rendan, qingliang oil, fengyoujing, qiwen powder, sunji tablet and so on

To prevent emergencies, please bring some of the above medicines. In addition, when summer to drink more heat decrease internal heat Chinese medicine, in order to achieve the purpose of heat prevention.

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