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The role and difference between ear feedback and earphone

Aug. 03, 2019

The role and difference between ear feedback and earphone shared by bluetooth 5.0 earbuds manufacturer.

When it comes to aural regurgitation, most people don't know what it is, or that some singers wear aural regurgitation in their ears, but do you know the difference between aural regurgitation and earphones?

Ear return is the meaning of earphone return to listening. In earphone, you can hear your own voice and specific sound. It is composed of wired earphone, wireless receiver and transmitter.

The difference between earphone and ear return is that earphone is also a part of ear return, and ear return is a function. The purpose of using ear return is to clearly hear your own voice in a noisy environment, and to correct the wrong words and out of tune when hosting a performance. The most common applies to the program hosting, stage performance, karaoke and other scenes.

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Earbuds are usually used with a wired earphone and a radio frequency receiver, not bluetooth. When the singer sings, because the scene environment is noisy, there will be a big delay in the sound field. If the singer does not bring the ear back, he may sing by mistake, out of tune, can not hear how he sings, can not follow the rhythm of the accompaniment. The singer's ears are actually playing accompaniment, and their own microphone pick up sound, stage instruments pick up sound, so that the singer can hear more clearly.

A lot of people are wondering, why not use bluetooth headsets when it's so convenient? The reason is very simple, now Bluetooth4.2 and 5.0 bluetooth transmission will not be able to do 0 0 delay distortion, and can't do better in real time to return to, and bluetooth headset built-in battery will have the problem of battery, if you have any equipment field interference signal, the bluetooth headset may appear intermittent sound, this will greatly affect the singer on the stage play. If you've ever used a karaoke microphone in your life, you'll know that it has a playback function, but it's still far from professional.

With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, earlobe has been widely used in the market, including e-sports and education. Shenzhen tianyun electronic technology co., ltd. already has game earphones and educational earphones, which can hear your voice in real time, and the real-time voice in the game e-sports to ensure that your call is correct. The education industry's listening and speaking test also USES instant listening to help with language and music learning.

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