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How to Choose In-ear Headphones and Headphones?

Jan. 20, 2020

Now, mobile phones have become a part of our lives. There can be no wallets, no keys, no card holders, but no mobile phones. Everyone walking down the road is looking down at mobile phones, trying to avoid the noise around and immersed in their own. In the world, another auxiliary tool for people to isolate the world from themselves is the headset.

We basically live a busy life at 21:00 on the line every day. It's hard to have our own solitary time. It really should add some entertainment to ourselves. Then at this moment of recreation, music has become our first choice. It can give us bring vitality and passion, and some comfortable and beautiful headphones also add a little excitement to the music.

As with choosing a mobile phone, in addition to the sound quality function, we also need to look at its comfort, and then look at its appearance. There are basically two types of headphones on the market today: In-ear Headphones and headsets. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of headphones?



Compared to headphones, the market for in-ear headphones is a bit complicated. Various types of fish and earphones flow in the entire market. There are dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars, and even thousands of them. When you buy headphones, you really want to buy them. The dazzling dazzling, people do not know how to choose, the following Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer will tell you the characteristics of these two headsets.

The in-ear type is the first choice for people to wear when they are portable, and the sound insulation effect is better. The in-ear type earphone is designed close to the external ear canal, so it can better isolate the external noise, the volume does not need to be too loud, and the closed cavity Increased the sound quality effect to a certain extent.

In-ear headphones are more secure in wearing, and they are not easy to fall off even if they are exercising; it is worth mentioning that in-ear headphones can also share music with others. It is also a joy to hear what you like and share with others.

The Headphone wraps the entire ear, so the sound field is better than the in-ear type. A good headphone can even bring a speaker-like effect.

The sound source of the headphone has a certain distance from the external ear canal, which is comfortable to wear without the risk of scratching the ear canal, and it can be worn longer than the in-ear earphone. The point is that in this cold and windy winter day, the headset can also be used as an ear bag, which has been tested and is very warm.


The small size of in-ear headphones is its advantages and also its disadvantages, because it will be lost if you are not careful, and you don’t know where it is stuck; and the in-ear headphones will not be used for a long time. "Ventilation", repeated friction of the headset will also breed a lot of bacteria, and accidentally scratch the ear canal.

Because of the weight of the headphone, prolonged wearing is very easy to fatigue the product, especially the earphone. The long-term compression will cause compression of the blood vessels near the ear, which will be particularly uncomfortable. Headphones have relatively poor sound insulation. Generally, the sound of music needs to be adjusted to a larger value. Such long-term listening will cause damage to the cochlea and nerves, affecting hearing.

In fact, to be honest, no matter what kind of headphones you choose, long-term use will have a certain impact on hearing, no matter what you wear headphones to have a degree, after all, hearing damage is difficult to recover. Also, when using in-ear headphones, pay attention to cleaning the earbuds. If you feel ear pain when wearing them, check whether the earbuds are too large. Of course, the head-mounted ones should also be cleaned regularly.