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The Right Way To Wear Headphones

Feb. 24, 2020

Do you know how to wear headphones properly? Do you dismiss this problem when you see it? Don’t rush to make complaints and see if you have worn it wrong for many years.

Differentiated by the way they are worn, the earphones are mainly in-ear, head-mounted, and hanging-ear.

The right way to wear headphones

This is the correct way to wear earbuds / in-ear headphones. Do you wear them like this?

Generally, in-ear earphones are marked with “L” (left) and “R” (right) signs on the handle. The earphones included with mobile phones are generally wired control buttons on the right side, which are well distinguished. Wear it properly to enjoy the correct soundtrack content in music or movies.

When wearing, find the angle of the earphones. Good earphones are designed to be ergonomic. The structure of the earphones faces forward and downward, and the earphone cable is generally downward, which is convenient for connecting the player.

The right way to wear headphones

Is there any harm to ears when wearing headphones to listen to the concert? Wearing headphones for a long time can cause hearing loss. The earphone is close to the eardrum, which can increase the sound signal by about 9 decibels. Excessive time will cause great damage to the eardrum. Mild is hard of hearing, and moderate or above is deaf. The best way is to limit the time spent listening to the headphones, and do not make the volume too loud.

The headphone we usually wear is this way of wearing: the end of the headphone cable is at the earlobe, and this way is wrong, which may cause greater harm to us.

The correct method of wearing should be the one on the right. The steps should be pinching the earphones of the earphones first, passing the earphone cable around the back of the ears, pulling down the ears and inserting the earphones into the ear holes.

If you wear it incorrectly, it may cause ear discomfort, or you may not experience the sound effects of the headphones.

Because in-ear headphones go deep into the ear canal and are close to the eardrum, don't make the sound too loud to avoid hearing damage. Also don't wear it for a long time to listen to music or watch movies. You should rest your ears every half an hour to minimize the use time.

The right way to wear headphones

In-ear headphones have a good sound insulation effect, so do not wear headphones when walking outdoor, riding a bicycle, or driving, so as not to hear the sound of surrounding transportation, which is prone to danger.

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