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The Feature Introduction Of In-ear Headphones

Sep. 07, 2019

As a professional In-ear Headphones Factory, we can tell you that In-ear headphones, also known as ear canal earphones, in-ear earphones, or in-ear monitors, are earphones used inside human hearing organs that, according to their design, seal the user's ear canal during use.

In-ear Headphones OEM

In-ear Headphones OEM

The In-ear Headphones OEM is inserted into the ear canal with a gel plug on the basis of the ordinary earphone to obtain better airtightness. Greatly increased the performance of the headphones, this tightness generally provides two functions:

(1) Reduce the interference of external noise on music.

(2) Providing a closed environment that greatly reduces leakage. From a practical point of view - in a noisy environment; you can enjoy music with a relatively low volume that is unaffected.

(3) a: increase the texture and volume of the low frequency; b: increase the performance of the music details. These earphones will be connected to the earmuffs and inserted into the front half of the ear canal to create a sealed hearing environment. And many high-end in-ear headphones even customize the mold for the customer's ear to provide the best comfort and perfect sound insulation.

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