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How To Choose A Headphone Plug?

Sep. 02, 2019

Here is a professional Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer talking about how to choose a headphone plug.

The headphone plug does not really look good on the headphones, but it must not be ignored.

Sports Bluetooth Headset

Sports Bluetooth Headset

In the most of the time, the sound quality of the earphones is not good, not the wire is not good, and the sound is not good enough, but the connector deteriorates the sound. What do you say? The quality of the plug is like subtracting the headphone. Although the good plug can't make the sound quality of the headphone go up a step, the inferior plug will make the sound quality drop three levels, so you have to pay attention.

As a professional factory who can do Bluetooth Earphone Wholesale, before saying how to buy, let's analyze what kind of situation you usually want to buy a plug.

First, of course, when buying new headphones;

Second, the original plug of the earphone is broken, but I don’t want to throw it away. I have to change it with a new one;

Third, a different size conversion plug is required when plugging in different devices.

So, when buying a headset, what should you pay attention to for its plug?

In the first two cases, the items to be paid attention to when purchasing the plug are basically similar. In general, you need to pay attention to the following two points.

First, see if the plug part of the plug is working well. Before you buy, you bring the equipment that needs to use the headphones to your body, and then test the feel of the plugging and unplugging on the spot. It should not be too loose, otherwise the contact resistance will increase due to poor contact, and finally the sound quality will deteriorate: of course, don't Too tight, it is not easy to pull out, but affect the life.

Next, look at the material wrapped around the plug and check to see if it is flat. You can let the merchant get a few more out, let you compare the work and materials, of course, you can also find a better quality product for the model.

We have Sports Bluetooth Headset. If you need any information, feel free to let us know.