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Is your hearing ok?

Aug. 14, 2019

Is your hearing ok?

A lot of people like to put on earphones, the sound is turned up to the maximum, in order to block out the noise, quietly listen to music.

Noise Canceling Headsets supplier shares that this is in the way of impaired hearing, in exchange for a moment of peace. According to the national institute of deafness and other communication disorders (NIDCD), sustained exposure to 85 decibels of noise can be harmful. Between 90 and 100 decibels can cause hearing loss, and between 100 and 120 decibels can be unbearable.

Recently, news that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss hit weibo. The world health organization warned that nearly 50 percent of the world's young people are at risk of hearing loss. According to data, 17% of teenagers in South Korea have suffered from "noise-induced deafness". Many teenagers are accustomed to listening to music with headphones when walking or even sleeping. However, they do not realize that wearing headphones for a long time and at a high volume may lead to "noise-induced deafness".

There's nothing wrong with headphones, it's that you're not using them the right way. So how do we protect our hearing?

A very effective way to use noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones have the ability to reduce background noise, and you can still listen to music at a lower volume in a noisy environment.

However, noise-canceling headphones by Noise Canceling Headphones manufacturer are generally expensive. If you cannot afford noise-canceling headphones, you must abide by the "60-60" principle:

Noise Canceling Headsets supplier

Noise Canceling Headsets Supplier

The volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume: do not listen to music in noisy environment.

Wear earphones for no more than 60 minutes continuously: experts point out that adults should use earphones for no more than 3-4 hours a day. However, the hearing organs of teenagers are not mature yet, so the time of using earphones should not exceed 1-2 hours every day. It is better to use earphones intermittently and take a rest every half an hour.

In order to improve the service life of earphones and reduce the excessive use period of earphones, bacteria in the ear will cause some diseases, we need to maintain and clean earphones regularly. The earphone should be replaced when necessary. Generally, it should not be used for more than 3 years, because the earphone may suffer from leakage of electricity or noise and other problems due to the aging caused by the use of earphone for a long time.

There are other ways to do this, such as turning off music before going to bed and removing earphones to avoid persistent stimulation of hearing organs after sleep.

Back to the beginning, many young people are used to wearing earphones to isolate themselves from the outside world and have social phobia. If you take the earphone as a shelter, the earphone only functions as an umbrella in rainy days. Shared the Noise Canceling Headsets wholesale.

Communication scholar McLuhan said that the media is an extension of people. Headphones are becoming our organs. And take off earphone, also become contemporary youth to take off hat salute on social field. For them, it's easy to take off their headphones and awkward to talk.