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How to distinguish earphone professionally?

Aug. 20, 2019

How to distinguish earphone professionally? Shared by bluetooth earphone supplier.

The first element of headphones: sound quality.

Sound quality refers to the quality of sound, which many people confuse with "timbre". What is the quality of sound? When you say a pair of shoes is of good quality. You must mean well-fitting, comfortable, and durable, not that it is attractively drawn and occasionally sideburns. Similarly, when you are talking about a sound quality of audio headphone equipment, when you are not talking about its level, positioning such as can, but specifically refers to the equipment "not resistant to hearing"! It's like wearing well or not fitting. A good sound quality equipment, it is external performance is comfortable, listen to. You don't have to explore the reasons why it sounds comfortable and pleasant to listen to, that's for the experts, you just have to use your ears to judge. Some devices are powerful, fast and analytical, but they don't last long. A good sound equipment, its sound quality should resemble a pair of good voice, let a person 100 hear not be bored with. Maybe I still think it's very abstract. Actually, it doesn't. I can do it with a real column. When you talk about cloth, you will say: this material is of good quality. When you are eating steak, you can say: this steak is of good quality. When you compliment a child, you say: the child has good qualifications. So, when you are listening to an Bluetooth Speaker or a musical instrument, you may also say: it has a beautiful sound quality. From the above examples, you can clearly know that "quality" is the innate nature. The quality of the sound is noble, good and beautiful, which means that the nature of the device is good and it makes people feel comfortable. I can say that sound quality is the most important link in the audio equipment, so I put it in the first place.

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The second element of earphone: timbre.

Timbre of the Neckband earphone is the color of sound. In English, TONE QUALITY is not the same thing as TIMBRE or TONE COLOR. But in Chinese, sound quality and timbre are often misused. We often hear that the tone of the violin is really cold, the tone of the violin is really warm, and so on. Sound, like light, is colored, but it is not seen with the eyes, but heard with the ears. Usually, the warmer the tone, the softer the sound; The colder the tone, the harder the sound. Too soft or too hard, of course, is not very good. Sometimes, timbre can also be described by words like "noble" and "beautiful", which is basically one of nature. But, like cloth, there is a fine line between material and colour. In the headphone review, timbre, like colour, refers to its particular colour. The timbre of some equipment slants yellow, some slants white, some slants cold, even you can say it is blue with a little care. In short, audio headphone equipment is just like Musical Instruments, which can hardly be separated from the fact that the more expensive the sound, the better the color. A $2 million violin may have a golden tint; A nt $5,000 violin may sound like a faded painting. Although everyone has different opinions, but "beauty" still has a "consensus", you can not say that a person with an upturned nose is "beauty incarnate"; Likewise, you cannot say that a cool blue tone is beautiful. This is our consensus on the beauty of timbre.