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Precautions for use of earphones

Jun. 28, 2019

Precautions for use of earphones

Matters needing attention when using in-ear headphones.

Because headphones are closer to the inner ear tissue than normal external noise; All users are required to take necessary protective measures. Studies have shown that pleasant music causes less hearing damage, but long-term exposure to high-decibel sounds, either music or noise, can cause hearing damage. Noise-induced sensory nerve hearing damage occurs in the inner ear, when high-energy sound waves shock fluid in the cochlea, overstimulating and causing cell death. Hearing damage can build up over time, and long-term exposure to noise, even for a short time, can cause hearing loss.

Research published in the journal of the American medical association in 1998 and conducted at shanxi medical university in China showed that prolonged exposure to high noise levels had a negative effect on hearing.

In-ear headphones supplier China shares that when using earphones in the street, in addition to the hearing impairment caused by the need to increase the volume, it is easy to lose the alertness of users to peripheral sounds and increase the chance of danger. Children should not use earphones.

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