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Is it necessary to headset down? Headphones fever must understand science

Jul. 05, 2019

Is the earphone cooker necessary? Headphone fever must know science shared the Bluetooth earphone supplier.

If you are interested in the sound quality of earphones and you are a headphone enthusiast, the first thing you should do after getting a new earphone is "the earphone cooker". But is the earphone cooker necessary?

The purpose of the cooker is to make the horn aging rapidly and steadily. In fact, it is in the diaphragm of the cooker. The mechanical conformity of the diaphragm of the new earphone is poor, which leads to a large distortion. It is a very easy concept to understand, and the same as the car, the newly bought car brake sensitivity is low, brake has not reached the best state, use a period of time after the brake pad after running, brake will slowly reach the best. Stereo bluetooth headsets and wired headsets are necessary for the cooker.

The earphone cooker is a difficult technical work, to control the duration, volume, use music type and sound frequency. Choose a different music depending on whether the headphones are heavy bass or human. Bad control means the sound quality can't reach the ideal state. Different sound quality and proficiency of cooker have different methods of cooker, which makes the cooker more simple, 1. Fast cooker, 2. Natural cooker, 3. Software cooker. According to the different sensitivity and impedance, the voltage output playback device should be selected to carry out. Music should also choose lossless music, such as FLAC format music. The original CD record is copied with lossless encoding audio format, which can reach the frequency range of the original song. After the system of the cooker, voice expression will be more delicate, clear, mellow natural.

1. Fast cooker

Rapid pot machine, in a short period of time to achieve the ideal effect, can use noise to white noise, pink (for example, when no signal on the radio voice, loud sound like sharp is white noise, the sound is delicate pink noise) is another kind of conventional music looping in stages to warm, probably can be completed in a week. At present, the music suitable for earphone cooker has [(1) dukou - CAI qin, mezzo-soprano and low frequency test (94) unplugged version of hotel California, three frequency balance, clear details, feel the sound field) and so on.

2. Natural cooker

Simple understanding is not deliberately choose music pot machine, listen to their favorite type can, choose small and medium volume, avoid electronic music, a long time on the ear, sound quality will slowly run into the ideal state.

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3. Software cooker

In order to make the cooker simpler, many players have launched the special software for the cooker at present, and it is fully automatic, with fixed non-destructive music, the software automatically controls the volume and duration, and the intelligent cooker is more convenient. At present, cool dog music, cool I music player App support software cooker.

Is it necessary to use earphone? After reading the above introduction, it can be understood that earphones are still necessary to use the earphone to make a better sound quality. However, very low-end earphones have no value of using the earphone, which wastes time and energy and will not improve the sound quality.

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