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Ways to improve your headphone space

Jul. 12, 2019

Ways to improve your headphone space shared by Wireless Sports Earbud factory.

The spatial aspect of the headphones has been unsatisfactory (the other is low frequency), which should be said not to be the drawback of the headphones, but the features of the headphones. A headphone is a pair of small speakers on either side of the head (which is how the headphone was originally created), and the sound field is naturally in the head. Modern recordings tend to use multiple microphones, and there are few single point recordings and head recordings, which is another reason for the poor spatial sense of earphones. In order to improve the "head-to-head effect" and make the earphone hearing sense more in line with people's physical and psychological characteristics, spatial simulation is required. There are three main methods: crossfeed, in-front localization and surround. The first two methods are used in two-channel stereo system and surround sound is used in multi-channel system.

1. Each feed

Such as AKG K1000, Precide Ergo, Jecblin Float, they use small sponge to keep unit outside the ear at a distance, so that each ear can hear the voice of the other side of the unit, the feed each other with the voice of the auricle positioning function, sound field will be more, depth, K1000 was able to adjust the Angle of the unit to adjust the space effect.

2. Positioning forward

For example, Vivanco SR2000IFL, the general earphone unit directly emits sound to the listener's ear, Vivanco SR2000IFL unit is placed in front of the ear to simulate the way of sound transmission during daily listening, the K1000 also has this function, and some models of SONY and STAX also adopt this design.

Wireless Sports Earbud factory

3. Surround sound

3-1 four-channel system

For example, AKG K290 has two drivers per side unit. When fed to its four-channel signal, it can get a better sense of space than two-channel signal. The specific effect is related to the design.

3-2 Sennheiser Surround headphones

Its surround sound part is independent and hangs on the shoulder. The main channel earphone is still the traditional way and the head can be moved at will. Now there are products for PC.

3-3 simulate surround sound

The surround sound effect is simulated by surround sound processor. The earphones buy from Wireless Sports Earbud wholesale use traditional dual-channel earphones, and there are many products in the market using this technology. Sennheiser has similar products, such as Lucas and DSP360; Dolby has a new Dolby Headphone based on the Dolby ac-3. These systems require a higher-end earphone fit with an excellent acoustic design to get the most out of them.

3-4 vibrating earphone

Panasonic has this product, which USES a vibrating unit that vibrates with a low-frequency signal to make it feel low-frequency, which is actually a way to improve the way headphones can only hear and not feel low-frequency. But people experience low frequencies through their gut and uhf through their skull, which is a little bit of a thirst quench.