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What's the difference between good headphones and bad headphones?

May. 09, 2019

What's the difference between good headphones and bad headphones?

Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Exporter shares that in fact, sound quality has always been a very subjective thing, everyone has everyone's taste, have their own preference, so it is hard to say. When we start to choose a headset, the most we can do is to have a look at the online evaluation of excellent people, among which there is a large part of the existence of publicity and so on. In a word, there is a problem in this circle both at home and abroad, there are too many gunners, whether it is head-fi or ear.

So it's easy to get fooled when we haven't tried a headset yet. But when each manufacturer releases a new product, of course, each headset will have some hard and fast indicators, and the test will not tell the boss whether it is good or bad through the legendary golden ear at one end of the production line.

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So objective data exists, it's only available through very expensive testing instruments, so it's much more objective than, say, measuring hearing, and it doesn't represent everything, but like the resolution of a TV screen, it's hard and fast.

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