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Distribution and control of measurement sense in each frequency band of earphone

Aug. 26, 2019

Distribution and control of measurement sense in each frequency band of earphone are also the important factors of a good Hot Sell Fashion Neckband earphone.

The third element of earphone: distribution and control of sense of quantity in high, middle and low frequency bands.

The project is easy to understand, but it's also easy to misunderstand the text. What do you mean? Everyone will say: the speakers have too much treble and too little bass. This is the quantitative sense distribution in high, medium and low frequency bands. The problem is that if the bandwidth from 20Hz to 20KHz is divided into only three segments, there is bound to be an "inexact" confusion. Where exactly does your bass mean? How low? In order to make the description more accurate, it is necessary to subdivide the bandwidth of 20hz-20khz. According to the simple classification method of TAS and Stereophile of the United States, each segment of high, medium and low is further divided into three segments, namely, "lower intermediate frequency, intermediate frequency and higher intermediate frequency". This division is like the law of the twelve equal, fairly regular. However, there are some translation problems for Chinese people, such as "low if frequency". Do we call it "low if frequency" or "low if frequency"? 

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What about the higher low frequencies? "High and low frequency"? The frequency of 20hz-20khz is divided into seven segments: extremely low frequency, low frequency, medium frequency, medium frequency, medium frequency, high frequency, high frequency and extremely high frequency. The nouns in these seven paragraphs are in line with ordinary Chinese people's customary name, and easy to remember, will not be confused. The very low frequencies go from 20Hz to 40Hz and this octave I call the very low frequencies. There are very few instruments in this frequency band. Only the double bass, bass bassoon, tuba, organ, piano and other instruments can reach such a low range. Since this extremely low frequency is not the most beautiful range of an instrument, composers rarely write notes that low. Unless music is a popular synthesizer arrangement, extremely low frequencies are of little use to headphone fans. Some people make the mistake of saying that although the pitch of the instrument is not that low, the overtones can be lower than that. This is not true, because the pitch of the instrument is the lowest pitch, and the pitch is only doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled... And so on up, not down. It is as if you tensed a string, and the full length of the string is the fundamental, half, a third, a quarter, a fifth... Constant chord vibrations are overtones. The sum of the fundamental and overtones is the timbre of the instrument. In other words, violins and flutes have different timbre even if they share the same pitch.

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