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[Earphones for sale]Damage caused by improper use of earphones

May. 17, 2019

Damage caused by improper use of earphones

Using the damage shared by Sports Wireless Headset manufacturer.

We often see morning exercise people wearing earbuds listening to the radio, also can be seen in the campus students walking or riding a bike wearing headphones listening to music. On the bus I see young people listening to rock music so loud that they can be heard even by their neighbours. Such long-term use of earbuds can lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

Our country science and technology personnel passes research, to average age is in 23 years old the subject of about, daily use earbud earphone 1 hour, 1-2.5 hours is compared with control group, have significant difference of audiological threshold. He suggested that the use of earbud earphones can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, especially in the high frequency region above 4000 hz is significantly greater than the low frequency region. The longer the earbuds were used, the worse the hearing loss. There are also scholars reported that often in the noise environment can cause 4000 Hertz hearing loss first.

Sports Wireless Headset supplier points that in people's inner ear, there are cochlear organ headphones. Scholars believe that due to long-term excessive stimulation, cell tissue metabolism disorder, blood supply and oxygen supply are insufficient, resulting in damage to peripheral receptors and noise-induced hearing loss.

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Remind everybody, in you have high pitch tinnitus to appear (if cicada is ringing, whistle sound, metal sound, etc.), need to go to the hospital otolaryngology department examination and treatment, very important to prevent deafness.

It is recommended that earbuds should not be used at high volume for a long time to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing loss has increased among some young people who listen to music through headphones. This is because when a person puts on a headset, the opening of the external ear canal is tightly blocked by the headset. High volume audio pressure will directly enter the ear and damage hearing, causing irreversible hearing damage.

Long-term use of headphones to listen to music, hearing will appear fatigue, injury, cause hearing loss, the human body will appear agitated, dizzy, insomnia, memory loss, attention is not focused, thinking reaction is slow, abnormal psychological disorders, and so on, is very harmful to health.

Therefore, listen to music with headphones should pay attention to reduce the volume, in order to soft not harsh advisable, and do not listen to a long time. The expert suggests: adult daily with earphone do not exceed 3 ~ 4 hours, teenager still is not developed because of aural organ maturity, everyday should not exceed 1 ~ 2 hours, with intermittent listen advisable.