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[Maintenance guide] Headset maintenance, do you really understand?

May. 22, 2019

[maintenance guide] headset maintenance, do you really understand?

Nowadays, people's pursuit of high-quality sound is getting higher and higher. We often spend a lot of money to buy various high-quality headphones. And when we buy headphones, we begin to highlight some problems, such as wire wear, how to clean, how to better cooker and so on. If your favorite headphones are well maintained, they will last longer.Shared by the Sweat-proof Sports Headset Supplier China.

Runfeng below for small partners to introduce the most basic knowledge of headphone maintenance, hope that friends in daily life can understand the basic knowledge of these headphones to better maintenance of their headphones.

Headphone maintenance tips

▍ the volume of the headset must be controlled

Users the most of it is to use a headset is apt to make mistake, because many users are like turned to the the volume of the headset, so although more enjoyable to listen to, but for the damage of the ear is the largest, also can cause some damage to the diaphragm, severe cases will more voice coil burned, thereby causing loss to the inevitable.

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▍ away from strong magnetic field and moist environment

This is the most basic knowledge of the use of headphones, strong magnetic field will cause some damage to the sensitivity of the headphones, the quality of the headphones caused by the damage can not be ignored. A damp environment will rust the soldering pad of the headphone unit, and the ear will suffer from serious tone deviation, so you should also pay attention to this point.

▍ headset wire must pay attention to protect

It is just like wiping off the sweat from the earphone wire in time after sweating, otherwise it will cause some corrosion to the earphone wire, and try to stay away from fireworks when using the earphone. No matter the wire is burnt or the earphone shell is damaged, the loss can never be compensated.

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