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[Wireless Sports Earbud for sale]Mistakes in using headphones

May. 25, 2019

Mistakes in using headphones

Myth # 1: use too much volume when you're burning your headphones

Wireless Sports Earbud manufacturer shares that some people think that the new earphones need to use a loud cooker, which can make the earphones quickly and well into the normal working state, but also save time.

This is actually a big mistake in the use of earphones, because usually, the vibration membrane of new earphones is too rigid, and the high volume pot will make the frequency of vibration exceed the bearing capacity of the new diaphragm, causing the diaphragm damage. Moderate volume should be used in the clay pot, which can be adjusted at will after a period of use.

Wireless Sports Earbud manufacturer

Myth # 2: listening to headphones with too much volume

Listening to music at a high volume for a long time has a very adverse effect on people's hearing, which gradually leads to serious hearing loss and long-term damage to the ears. In addition, listening to music at a high volume for a long time also causes excessive hyperactivity, physical and mental fatigue and mental fatigue. And the effect of high volume on the diaphragm is also very big, long time use of high volume, will cause sound distortion, or even damage the diaphragm. Therefore, when listening to music, you should choose a moderate volume, neither too small, affecting the beauty of music, nor too big, hurting their ears. Moderate volume will also extend the life of the headset, is one of the best maintenance methods.

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