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How to eliminate earphone current sound?

May. 29, 2019

How to eliminate earphone current sound?Here the Sports Wireless Headset manufacturer would like to share the headphone current sound elimination tutorial for you.

Many people who often use earphone products may feel troubled by the possible electric current. Indeed, these noises affect our audio playback or music appreciation to some extent, so what can be done to solve it? Will there be different ways to eliminate the earphone's current and sound for computers and phones, or for different operating systems? Today small series in view of this problem from multiple angles to introduce the analysis of relevant problems and give specific solutions.

Sports Wireless Headset manufacturer

How to eliminate Sports Wireless Headset current sound?

Headphones have a solution for noise (electrical noise)

1, the computer did not clean up in time, the accumulation of system garbage is too much, the computer reflects slowly, should be timely clean up the computer system garbage and antivirus.

2. If the headset is damaged, you can compare it with other headphones or computer, and replace it if necessary.

3. Computers have static electricity, which is also the main reason. You touch the iron part of the computer case with your hand, and if the current and sound go away, you put a piece of copper wire, one end to the screw at the back of the computer, one end to the ground. Very effective.

4. Is your microphone in the enhanced state?

Solution: enhance and remove the microphone. Because some sound CARDS don't support it.

5. See if there is anything with magnetic field and acoustic wave around you.

Solution: remove electrical devices with magnetic fields (such as cell phones and fans).