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[Stereo neckband earbuds supplier]What is multi-channel 3d stereo?

Jun. 19, 2019

What is multi-channel 3d stereo?

Multi-channel three dimensional stereo:

Stereo neckband earbuds supplier shares that earphone is a kind of electro-acoustic conversion device, which converts the electrical signal of sound into sound. There are two - channel and multi - channel systems in the existing technology.

But they unfold on a line or a plane, and a full stereo system should be a surround sound system that includes three dimensions. At this time, four speakers should be located in the four directions of the sound chamber. Four microphones of the same model with the characteristic of square root pointing can be used to pick up 3d stereo. It costs more to acquire 3d surround sound by using four-channel stereo system, so in practice, the two-channel stereo is often processed to produce simulated surround sound field. The special design of this patented product makes it superior in use and wide in application, and such products will be more widely concerned after they are launched into the market.

However, although there are various defects in traditional earphones, they still pose some competition to patented products due to their long time in the market. Generally speaking, the competitive environment of the market can be divided into four forms, namely, perfect monopoly, oligopoly, monopoly competition and perfect competition. According to the characteristics of the market, the market belongs to monopolistic competition market. Moreover, with the increase of the market share of this patent product, the corresponding similar products and imitations will also appear, and the trend of monopolistic competition will become more and more obvious.

THX and dolby digital and DTS technology, these technologies can be called a standard surround sound technology, of course, they are admittedly is currently the best surround sound technology, but also to have certain restrictions on applications, such as the equipment is expensive, strict listening environment, will have plenty of software, and people in certain time and certain conditions or restrictions to realize economic conditions.

Stereo neckband earbuds supplier

This 3d stereo headset can be used with a computer, VCD, DVD and other stereo equipment can also be used (also can be used with VCD, DVD and other stereo equipment). It can be used to listen to the existing surround sound system, and can also develop the four-channel three-dimensional stereo system, the technical difficulty of this system is much lower than that of surround sound technology, and only needs twice as much as the two-channel system. Computer sound card, DVD, VCD chip processing technology will also be changed. This system may be the ultimate development trend of stereo system, which will replace the existing single, double and surround sound stereo system. In general, this patented product can be used to listen to existing surround sound directly on the market.

Product features

1. Four-channel three-dimensional stereo headphones can produce the surround sound effect of a home theater, eliminating bulky speakers.

2. Four channel three dimensional stereo headphone is worn on the head, the stereo effect is remarkable, and does not disturb others to rest.

3. Four channel 3 d stereo earphone can replace single and double channel earphone, and the effect is better.

4. Four channel three - dimensional stereo headphone can develop independent market four - channel three - dimensional stereo recording and playback system.

The main consumer groups of such products are: computer enthusiasts, especially those who are loyal to 3d games; Movie and TV fans, especially those who are loyal to the live effects of the storyline; Music fans, especially those who are loyal to live concerts.

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