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Characteristics of moving coil, moving iron and ring iron earphone

Jun. 21, 2019

Characteristics of moving coil, moving iron and ring iron earphone shared by Bluetooth Earphone supplier.

Moving coil headphones:

Moving coil earphones are divided into open, semi-open and enclosed earphones according to the degree of openness. At present, most earbuds are moving-coil earphones.

The principle is similar to that of ordinary loudspeaker. The coil in the permanent magnet field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil drives the diaphragm to produce sound driven by the signal current.

Moving iron headphones:

Moving iron earphone is a kind of earphone that conducts to the center point of a miniature diaphragm through a precise connecting rod to produce vibration and sound.

Moving iron headphones can be easily inserted into the ear canal because the unit is much smaller. This effectively reduces the area of the inlet ear

You can put in a deeper part of the ear canal. The geometric structure of the ear canal is much simpler than that of the auricle. It belongs to the category of circle, so it is a soft silicone sleeve

Compared with traditional earplugs, earplugs have been able to provide sound insulation and sound leakage prevention.

Circle of iron headphones:

Earphone with moving coil speaker and moving iron speaker,

Coil iron earphone is combined with the advantages of two kinds of speakers, through the frequency divider, the use of low alto moving coil, in charge of the high pitch moving iron

In this way, the earphone can achieve excellent separation, sense of layering, analytical power and more delicate sound.

Bluetooth Earphone supplier

So what are the features of the three types of headphones?

Moving coil horn, characterized by good bass flexibility, full alto, most headphones are using moving coil horn

Moving iron horn is also called balanced armature, originally used for hearing AIDS, is characterized by transparency, high clarity, the price will be higher than moving coil headphones

Coil iron earphone sound performance rich, clear analysis, fine expression, the price will be higher than the other two, better earphone to

It's multi-unit integration. Use three to four units. This will make the frequencies sound fuller.

In the choice, it depends on the budget. In fact, the sound quality of the moving coil earphone is very good. It can be found at any price

To experience mobile iron and coil iron earphones, you can buy them for less than 1000 yuan, but the price of high-quality earphones is also 1000 yuan

Above, if the earphone is free from fever, the sound quality of the moving coil earphone can meet the sound quality requirements.

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